Assignments (P5)

Do Now //

Read and define all vocabulary for  Chapter 8 in the FASHION! book (p.120-144) (vocab under ‘Fashion Terms’ on p.120)

Create a Test Survey

(When finished, share to:

Watch: VIDEO // Daymond John (of FUBU and Shark Tank)

-*Assignment : while watching, write down 3 important points he makes about choosing the right market, along with, how research can help solve each of these 3 points.

-Discuss the VIDEO

-Market Competition VIDEO // Creatively Kill the Competition: 5 Tips

-Market Competition Activity // Write down each of the 5 tips from the video and a description of each tip.

Marcus Lemonis: How to Stand Out in a Competitive Market | Inc. Magazine

“10 Advertising Tactics”:  watch this case study and write down 10 different advertising tactics they used for this campaign.